Vegan Lifestyle Community Event Background

The vegan lifestyle has been a trending topic most recently as people seek more “animal friendly” alternatives in buying products as well as food staples for their diet.  As such, I was curious what living a vegan lifestyle would mean for me, as an individual who is used to eating red meat and cheese as part of my overall diet.  There were both young (college aged) and middle aged women present, though no men showed up, that discussed the philosophy and found talking points that most people present would agree with.

Peak Experience

The peak experience for this community event was not clearly defined, as the event host also did not bother to show up.  One would assume that the peak experience would be an increased knowledge on the topic of veganism for those who attended, though some might consider their peak experience to be coffee and interesting conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of people attended this vegan lifestyle event?

There are two types of people at this event:

  1. Promoters (Vegans with knowledge to share)
  2. Spectators (Information Seekers)

Promoters at this community event included practicing vegans who were eager to share their perspectives about why veganism and the lifestyle of not indulging in animal products or by-products should be appealing to those willing to listen.

Spectators at this community event included people who were curious about veganism and the lifestyle choices required for one to become a practicing vegan while rejecting food choices made from animal meats and by-products.

Why would someone want to attend this vegan lifestyle community event?

Attendees at this vegan lifestyle (coffee meetup) community event were attending to learn more about the requirements of adhering to a vegan lifestyle and reducing their choices to consume animal meats and by-products. Some people attended as individuals hoping to find other people in the community that would support their lifestyle choices, offering them encouragement to practice the philosophy.  Several of the people attending had been interested in shifting their lifestyle choices, but sought additional reinforcement, encouragement and support to help make this a reality in their life.

What is veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle choice as both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals.

More details on veganism (Wikipedia):

Event Notes

Daily Inspiring Community Event (DICE) – Episode 015 [DICE 20170115]
Filmed at Sunrise Coffeehouse in Las Vegas, NV
Featuring Frost Fassett, Inspiration Evangelist

In attendance: 7 Participants
Peak Experience Anticipation: Learn WHY people choose the Vegan Lifestyle
Peak Experience Actual: Listened to diverse views and complaints about the vegan lifestyle
Organized by  (?? Jeff ??) <- the host never showed up.
Navigation Hinderances: Easy to find on GPS, but there are multiple locations for the same brand.
Initial User Experience Design (UXD) Issues for Visitors / Guests: The coffeeshop staff didn’t know the event was supposed to take place. (No seating reserved.)
Amenities: Coffee, water and snacks are available for purchase.
Bathroom: Within 1 minute.
Security: None Present
CPR (Celebrities, Politicians, Reporters): None Present
Family Friendly: Yes, though this was organized by marijuana promoters from what I overheard.

Music by Kevin Andersson
Pull over by Columbia
Shirt by Polo Sport
Pants by Lululemon
Memory Foam Boots by Crevo