Community Event Background

Texas Country Music Performers play annually in Steamboat at the Music Fest, where they inspire others through free concerts held near the Steamboat Mountain Gondola.

Top tier acts like Bri Bagwell, Jack Ingram, and Chubby Knuckle Choir are featured at the annual Steamboat Music Fest put on by Dickson Productions out of Austin, Texas

See why these famous Texas musicians and vocalists give back to the local community through great musical performances that offer quality family friendly musical entertainment, in front of thousands of attendees.

Peak Experience

The peak experience for this community event is a series of live music acts performed typically mid-day at no charge to attendees.  These acts are considered a “taste” of the Steamboat Music Fest, which is a larger upsell by Dickson Productions to showcase talents that are part of the paid evening offering at other stages selected throughout the ski resort area.  Tickets typically sell out a year in advance and are limited in quantity to generate higher demand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of people want to attend this free country music concert?

Pretty much anyone interested in country music would enjoy visiting this event, as there is no cost to attend and it is held at the base of the ski mountain near the gondola right after lunchtime.

Why would someone want to attend this ice fishing event?

This event is a great way to see upcoming music talent in the country music industry, especially focusing on Texas performing artists and vocalists.  There are several sponsors like Rebecca Creek Whiskey that underwrite the cost of these free performances for the general public, and many paying customers of the mountain resort area also attend after they conclude their skiing for the day.

What is a free music concert all about?

A free music concert offers a stress free experience to discover new and upcoming music talent, as well as hear some old favorite music acts that are booked during the Steamboat Music Fest.  Because there is no charge, there is a constant flow of attendees in and out of the event, many stopping briefly out of curiosity to see who is performing because they are already in the area where the event is being held.  A free music concert offers an additional perk for guests at the ski resort to improve their overall guest experience and add to the memories they are already making on their vacation.  For locals, it offers them an opportunity to hear some of the performers that they might not otherwise be able to see given the expensive cost of tickets that also sell out a year in advance.

Event Notes

Daily Inspiring Community Event – Episode 009 [DICE 20170109]
Filmed at Steamboat Mountain in Steamboat Springs, CO.
Featuring Frost Fassett, Inspiration Evangelist.

In attendance: 1000+ Fans, 50 Bands
Peak Experience Anticipation: Enjoy trending country music artists
Peak Experience Actual: Learned why country musicians love what they do, and how they are inspired in the midst of challenges
Organized by Dickson Productions
Unique History: The event has over 150+ hours of music performed during the sold-out music festival.
Unique People: Jack Ingram, Rory Smith, Bri Bagwell
Navigation Hinderances: None; venue was easy to find with GPS
Initial User Experience Design (UXD) Issues for Visitors / Guests:
This event is well staffed and is easy to access. They need more water stations for the general public.
Amenities: Cash Bars are located nearby the music areas.
Bathroom: Within 5 minutes to access.
Security: None Visible Beyond Passive Security Cameras
CPR (Celebrities, Politicians, Reporters): 50+ Country Musicians

Music by Chubby Knuckle Choir, Bri Bagwell and Lobo Loco
Base layer by Hurley
Inner layer by Orvis
Jacket by Marmot
Pants by Under Armour
Boots by Vasque