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All Agile Party event visits are assigned a community ranking derived from a combination of three separate evaluations.  These scores help identify the actual effort put into a community event prior to, during and after the event takes place.  These three stages of all events are called Anticipation, Peak, and Fermentation.


1 - one random person knows you have an event
2 - discovered in mobile device searches
3 - correct time / date on Facebook event page
4 - posted on community calendar or flyers
5 - guests discussing event on social media
6 - featured news on media outlet
7 - personally recommended by someone well known 
8 - pre-event gift acquired or call to action taken
9 - hand-written invite or public ceremony
10 - personalized gift for attendees in advance of event

Peak Experience

1 - Nothing is as represented
2 - timing, accessibility, or difficulty in navigation disrupts the peak
3 - peak is as promoted / expected
4 - peak experience directly builds positive perceptions about community and sponsor(s)
5 - peak experience is accessible to every guest without cost being a factor
6 - guests make new friends and foster community
7 - journalists, politicians, or celebrities engage with the peak experience
8 - guests’ friends and family have common bondable peak experiences
9 - everyone receives a gift that becomes part of the shared peak experience for all attendees
10 - the peak experience shifts unexpectedly better to benefit all attendees


1 - We came, we saw, we forgot. (Bye.)
2 - memory of peak experience disrupted upon exit
3 - guest uniquely remembers event without taking further action to build a deeper relationship
4 - guest actively mentions the event to their friends
5 - guest invites friends / family to later events or to join the mailing list for future opportunities
6 - guest publicly requests all friends to support cause or brand on social media
7 - guest has pictures of their peak experience to share and is incentivized to share them
8 - guest agrees to commit future time or resources as a result of fermented call to action
9 - guest becomes a sponsor / partner / investor in future brand or cause opportunities
10 - guest actions directly impact their community with substantial investment of time or resources 

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