NOTE: This DICE Interview is presented until the 7:10 (7 minute 10 second) mark in the video, then there is approximately a 30 minute non-verbal (no talking) planetary gong meditation ceremony that is presented for our viewers so that you can sit and meditate while listening to this free community event as it was originally presented and hosted by Neptune Float Spa.

Community Event Background

Gong meditation is known by its practitioners as an ancient instrument of healing, transformation and revitalization.  They believe the vibrating sound of a gong helps to quiet the mind by working to clear clutter in the forethought while seeking stillness and peace, transforming thought into the search for wisdom internally.

Closing your eyes and trying to filter out your thoughts is difficult enough, and this experience was certainly interesting since I was trying to squeeze myself in between multiple people who had already claimed space in the venue, while then trying to focus on letting my thoughts go as I listened to these gongs. Valerie, the owner, said her gongs were in tune with planets and some sort of alignment that was important to the full moon cycle, even though that full explanation remains more of a mystery to me. The people were really nice though, and this was a highly unique experience to have been part of. It certainly brought people together to appreciate a common focus on calm, silence, and peacefulness.

Peak Experience

The peak experience for this gong meditation community event involves participation through observation.  While multiple people are gathered in the same space, the lighting is dimmed with the goal of internal transformation through closing the eyes and listening to the gongs as they are struck in a certain order, as chosen to be played by the host of the event.  It is up to the individual participant to focus on clearing their own thoughts and work toward a meditative state, from which the relaxation, mental clearing, and other healing aspects are thought to be derived.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of people want to attend this gong meditation event?

There is one type of person at this event:

  1. Participant (Person Seeking To Meditate)

Participants at this community event were mostly in their twenties and thirties, with some kids and older adults present.

Why would someone want to attend this gong meditation event?

Attendees at this gong meditation community event liked to attend because they felt like they were celebrating the new year and resetting their “internal clock” to be more in tune with astrology, planetary alignment, moon cycles, and whatever else they chose to believe would shape their happiness and life path in the coming year.  Attendees enjoyed spending time among other people they felt shared similar values in meditation, yoga, and other holistic health practices.

What is a gong meditation immersion?

The gong is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, used for healing, ceremony, communication and music in centuries past. According to Neptune Float Spa, each of their gongs is hand made and tuned to the orbital properties of the planets to create a cosmic symphony; by listening to it, their listener is tuning in to the sounds of the cosmos.

Also according to Neptune Float Spa, their theories are based on ancient wisdom, with gongs vibrating at the same frequency as the body, allowing the body to heal itself; with the intent that gong sounds will fine tune bodies, minds and emotions. The goal is to attain complete relaxation, better sleep, improved concentration, and increased confidence. Sound healing is also believed by their proprietor to help with depression and fatigue.

Her belief is that being bathed in sound with intention puts people into a deep meditative state quickly because of sound, frequency and vibration. She believes that if you believe the human body is made up of vibration and energy right down to our cells, it all resonates. Dr. Gloria Oberbeck, a Harvard-educated M.D. says, “Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body are affected so much by a Gong Bath.”

More details on gongs:

Event Notes

Daily Inspiring Community Event (DICE) – Episode 011 [DICE 20170111]
Filmed at Neptune Float Spa in Steamboat Springs, CO.
Featuring Frost Fassett, Inspiration Evangelist

In attendance: 20+ people
Peak Experience Anticipation: I was unsure of what to expect
Peak Experience Actual: Listened to a long series of gongs playing
Organized by Valerie McCarthy
Unique History: Valerie gets her gongs from Germany, from a guy who supposedly tunes them to frequencies of different planets
Unique People: Several ladies who were meditating.
Navigation Hinderances: Couldn’t find the venue, but saw the signs overhead.
Initial User Experience Design (UXD) Issues for Visitors / Guests:
Extra mats for people to sit / lay on were needed.
Amenities: None provided.
Bathroom: Within 1 minute.
Security: None Visible
Event CPR (Celebrities, Politicians, Reporters): None

Shirt by Hurley
Pants by Under Armour
Boots by Crevo