Community Event Background

We’ve all faced trauma at some point in our lives, including when we were first born. Through circular connected breathing (conscious breath work / rebirthing breathwork), many people find they can release their suppressed trauma to reduce its effects on the body. I tried the techniques presented at this community event for the first time and felt paralyzed at the start of the breathing exercises, falling into a deep sleep state for about two hours, waking up to what felt like only ten minutes had passed, then noticed my neck and back pain were no longer present, and felt enduring bliss and joy for the next 48 hours.

Lindsay Balgooyen leads these sessions in Steamboat, Colorado as a donation based class and it’s one of the most unique community events that I’ve covered all year.  Lindsay learned her techniques in Thailand, and after seven rounds of this therapy, she permanently removed her chronic migraine headaches to the point that she decided to start instructing these sessions to benefit others.

Peak Experience

The peak experience for this community event was participating in guided breathing exercises.  While the class size was small and intimate, all of the participants reported feeling noticeably better after the session concluded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of people attend a circular connected breathing (conscious breath work) event?

There is only one type of guest permitted inside the event:

  1. Participants (People working to heal themselves through breathing exercises)

Participants at this community event included both men and women, from young twenties to beyond fifty years old.

Why would someone want to attend this breathing exercises event?

Attendees at this circular connected breathing community event were attending to learn more about healing their past trauma through breathing exercises.  Attendees reported feeling reduced pain, increased joy, and deep relaxation following the breathing exercises.

What is circular conscious connected breathing?

Circular Conscious Connected Breathing is a type of breath work that is designed to release trauma from within the body, even built up over time or subconsciously for many years such as with the process of being born into this world as an infant.

According to practitioners, the circular conscious breathing technique allows the body to reintegrate tension, trauma, fear, suppression, etc. held in our physical body’s cellular and emotional memory states. This reintegration creates space for freedom from physical / emotional issues, self acceptance, enhanced relaxation, as well as a greater sense of self and breath awareness, ideally within a safe, private, loving environment.

Circular means the repetitive and continuous nature of the breathing exercises.

Conscious is meant to be derived from a belief that we all do many things unconsciously, almost instinctively; we breathe “normally” and pretty much take it for granted. In fact, often when we are stressed or panicked we actually stop breathing. In Circular Conscious Connected Breathing processes, the participant focuses on their breathing. It becomes a circular technique by which we allow the breath to move in an unrestricted way while taking in as much oxygen as possible.

Connected is defined as keeping the flow of the breathing (inhaling and exhaling) going in a natural unbroken rhythm to open the subconscious mind, allowing stored suppressed memories and experiences to surface. These may be negatively repressed emotions, memories and energy blockages. Once these experiences arise into our conscious awareness, we then have the opportunity to relax into and accept whatever, wherever, and however it is happening, thereby integrating (healing) them at the cellular level quickly, effectively and permanently.

Breathing is meant to ensure the entire process occurs naturally; we reduce and release anxiety and stress in a drug free manner. CCCB is a safe, effective and permanent healing technique that opens the door to self-awareness, self acceptance and self-love.

More details on circular conscious connected breathing:

Event Notes

Daily Inspiring Community Event (DICE) – Episode 014 [DICE 20170114]
Filmed at Yoga Lila.
Featuring Frost Fassett, Inspiration Evangelist

In attendance: 4 Participants
Peak Experience Anticipation: I was unsure of how breathing exercises would help me, but attended with curiosity.
Peak Experience Actual: Complete tense up of my neck / back muscles (felt like paralysis) led to total release of my pain.
Organized by Lindsay Balgooyen
Unique History: Lindsay studied in Thailand and used deep breathing exercises to end chronic migraine headaches.
Navigation Hinderances: Building was tucked away in an unusual industrial area without a lot of signage to find it.
Initial User Experience Design (UXD) Issues for Visitors / Guests: Felt like being in an industrial park; not initially relaxing.
Amenities: None. Water was considered a distraction and was detrimental to the experience.
Bathroom: Within 1 minute.
Security: None Present
CPR (Celebrities, Politicians, Reporters): None Present
Family Friendly: No, not for children in my opinion.

Music was from Lindsay’s playlist in the background. Outro was by Magnus Ringblom.
Shirt by Lululemon
Pants by Lululemon