This is the year-end recap of DICE: Daily Inspiring Community Event, a one year long project covering nearly 3,000,000 guests at events all around the world.  This project started as a mantra to go one new place, meet one new person, and learn one new thing each and every single day.  After suffering cardiac arrest, and bring brought back to life by two nurses performing CPR, DICE Host Frost Fassett set out on this year long journey to document average people doing extraordinary selfless acts of service through hosting events in their local communities.

Inspiring Community Events from America and China

Inspiring Community Events

Community events are the life blood of America, and most other nations around the world.  They offer a safe place for people to come together, build new friendships, strengthen local relationships, and foster a sense of purpose and enjoyment.

Growing Community Through An Event

By exploring the many different types of community events that exist throughout our world, we hope to inspire more people to create stronger communities wherever they are by taking action through one of three simple levels of effort.  These steps are ranked from easiest, to more invested in terms of time required to help your community:

  1. Show Up
  2. Blow Up
  3. Grow Up

Show Up in Your Community

Community won’t come to you.  You create community by seeking it, and being part of it.  Spend time searching newspaper or magazine event calendars, checking with the concierge desk of a hotel, or visiting the tool to find new community events going on around you.  Most of them are free and open to the public.

Blow Up in Your Community (In a positive way!)

The biggest challenge for event hosts is getting the word out.  Help someone else with marketing their event.  We don’t mean blow up as in destroy, we mean it in a positive context, as in enlarging a flier and handing out more copies.  Luckily social media makes this process far easier to replicate an event flier that used to be on paper and now can be sent as a link to anyone.

When you find an event worth attending (and hopefully you find it sooner than the day it starts!) then share a picture of the event flier, or a link to the Facebook event page for people to see what is going on in the area.  Whether you share it among friends, or invite a total stranger, or perhaps get a community organization to share it with their email list, all of these actions are going to help spread the word about an inspiring event so more people will want to attend.

This marketing process infiltrates the Facebook newsfeed, helping raise eyeballs off cellphones and into the real world by posting and positioning positive actionable content that encourages others to join fun events taking place in the real world instead of focus on virtual communities that offer a false sense of inclusion and acceptance.

Grow Up in Your Community

If you have something fun, unique, or interesting to share with the people around you, host a new event!  It’s free to post an event using the Facebook event tool, and this year we’ll release The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Community Event on Facebook. We would love to help you create something fun and unique that people in your community will want to attend.

By hosting a community event, you can meet new people, learn new things, and get feedback about what people are hoping to find in the local area to make their lives more enjoyable.

DICE Events We Attended

Here is a list of all events attended and filmed for our project in 2017.  (Data entry is still in progress)