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Every day will be a new adventure.

Frost Fassett

Author, Agile Party

DICE: Daily Inspiring Community Event is a journey exploring high-impact community events.  For the entirety of 2017, Frost Fassett traveled to discover what community means to citizens around the world by seeking out events open to the public and beneficial to all.  The mantra has been to travel one new place, meet one new person, and learn one new thing, every single day. Together we will explore new ways to encourage more people to show up for local events, help spread the word out about worthy events, and even plan to create more high-impact community events.

Because of this journey, Frost is writing a book called Agile Party, and creating the Rapid Event Plan course, to help everyday citizens and business leaders host their own high-impact community events.

Major organizations hosting community events filmed in 2017 include: NASA, U.S. Navy, U.S. National Park Service, CATO Institute, The White House (indirectly), Lululemon, Bank of America, Dodge RAM Trucks, Ford Motor Company, Kroger, Bellagio, Vans Shoes, United Way, Panera Bread, Indy 500 Festival, Oscar Mayer, Johnsonville, Harley Davidson, Petsmart, Dairy Queen, Boy Scouts of America, Navy Pier, Buffalo Wild Wings (indirectly), Revolution Brewing

Through this project, we have seen eyeballs glued to cell phones rather than in the real world.  The new mission is to return our people to connecting with one another in a more personal, connected way– elevating eyeballs off of cell phones and back into the real world to build stronger relationships.  We have learned that every citizen can add value back into their community by taking one of three primary actions:

(1) Show Up – Community only exists when you participate in it.
(2) Blow Up – In a positive context, get the word out about inspiring events; marketing encourages people to show up.
(3) Grow Up – Plant the seed for community by hosting a local event, and watch your community grow because of it.

Agile Party Book Cover
Frost Fassett

About The Host

Frost Fassett previously worked for Walt Disney World, Meltwater News and POLITICO before returning to Central Illinois to lead his family business.

As an entrepreneur who wanted to help his community celebrate economic progress, he accidentally stumbled upon the framework to create Agile Party while attracting 700 local citizens to a party he planned and executed in just two weeks, obtaining massive media exposure while utilizing a rapid iteration process from Agile software development methodology to create his first high-impact event, then began the year long research process to establish additional best practices for potential community event hosts.

Frost Fassett has been a guest lecturer for Millikin University’s Event Planning course and teaches students online as part of Agile Party’s eLearning platform called Rapid Event Plan.

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